Monday, August 31, 2009

Scenes from The Week-End

Thanks for all your sweet comments during Audrey Week. She loved hearing each one... It was such a fun way to celebrate her first week of Kindergarten!

Speaking of the first week, as successful as it was, I'm glad we're finally onto week two. We seem to have (finally) gotten into a bit of a groove and have a (somewhat) consistent morning and evening routine. Everyone seems to be more "in sorts" this week. So hooray for that.

The weekend was busy and fun, filled with good meals shared with old friends we hadn't seen in years, new friends we're digging getting to know and of course lovely cousin Erin and boyfriend Ben who, in lieu of our weekly Sunday dinner, made a stellar Sunday brunch.

Audrey also had her first ballet lesson on Saturday morning with her besty, best, best friend Emma. They're at different schools now, and not wanting them to lose touch, Emma's mom and I signed them up for a Saturday morning ballet class. They were so happy to see each other...sweet girls!

Hope your weekend was stellar! Happy Monday.

Weekend Digiscoping

Eastern Wood-Pewee

Barred Owl

Downy Woodpecker

Sandhill Crane

© 2009 Mike McDowell

Ants Create a Lifeboat in the Amazon Jungle

A flood hits a fire ant colony in the Amazon jungle. An amazing chance to see footage on how the species has adapted to water to protect their queen.

A documentary from the BBC.

Antiques Garage Saturday Adventure.

This weekend was too much fun! On Saturday, my friend and I braved the rain and headed on over to Antiques Garage and the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. Antiques Garage, on 25th street has always been a favorite of mine and may I just say, it was a success.

How gorgeous are these patterns? There was so many pages of them and I wanted them all but wall space in my apartment is growing scarce.

Butterflies! They also had many beautiful botanical pages.

In this booth they had the sweetest old cursive practice books. These were so carefully done, and this one was actually framed.
A + GOOD JOB! Btw, it says "Eat to live, do not live to eat."

After taking a fencing class with the US Olympic Fencing team a few weeks ago, my bf is a master fencer! I should have gotten him one of these antique fencing masks.


I really loved this woven basket and really wanted it but it was broken on the bottom.

Here is super fun lantern that my friend found. That would be a great accessory on a window sill, coffee table, or bookcase.

There were SO many buttons! Buttons galore!

And, yes. I got some. These will be really useful for pillow making.

The best part was that we found what we were looking for! My friend needed a mirror for the living room of her apartment and wanted something round or oval with an interesting rim. This one was just taken from a home the day before and my friend scored it for $60! I'm obsessed with the rope detail on the rim.

Here it is in situ! Without the weird man from above! It was the perfect size as well.

Tomorrow I'll show you our adventure to the Hell's kitchen flea market and what we found. I can't wait to go back when it's not raining and there are more treasures to be had.

Alicia B.

Construction Fail

When work men get it wrong, or what happens when you don't pay people enough money, so they don't concentrate & you end up with facilities nobody can use, other than in an amusing gallery for us all to point at & go. I'd like to meet the interior designer and civil engineer incharge thank you very much.