Monday, November 30, 2009

Moon Walk on the Air

Memories are made of these

Yep, we went camping again this year for Thanksgiving and had a ball. Per usual, I had our yearly family photo taken.

Obviously this isn't the one going on the cards, but my sister says it's the one that suits us the best. I'm not sure that's a compliment ;)

Great Gift Books!

I totally loved this book!

Great bird poems, wonderful Sibley illustrations!

Just like the title says!

Surfer Girls

Surfing is an incredibly beautiful sport and when it is a girl who is on the board, it is really something nice.

You will see beautiful surfer girls cutting the waves after the jump.


Yippee!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (those of you who celebrate) and are looking forward to December and the holidays.

I had fun picking the winners on this one because I can't wait for you to tell me what you think.

Thanks to my winners are:

Congratulations! Wanda, you've won two of my Dog Days of November contests, lucky you!!

I'll be emailing you for your addresses.

Thank you!

Feeding Crocodiles

After viewing these pictures, it became quite obvious to me that I would never try this job. Even if you work for many years with these predators and know all about their behaviour, there’s no guarantee that you’d be safe, plus shit still happens.