Friday, October 31, 2008

World's Biggest Spider Web Found in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, and this monster spider web is no different.

Discovered by park rangers at Lake Tawakoni State Park in Texas, the football-field sized web is actually the result of millions of spiders working together. Strangely enough, spiders don't normally organize themselves in large social units, though so far their efforts have been incredibly successful.

Described as 'fairy-tale white' by the rangers who first arrived on the scene, the web is now a few shades darker as it is completely blanketed by ill-fated mosquitoes. The smorgasbord will likely continue until the autumn when the spiders short lives will come to an end.

Pictures Taken At Just The Right Angle

Pictures, when taken at the right angle (and the right time), can be really amusing.

Blogger's Favorites -- This is Glamorous

luggage via valextra, tartan via {frolic!}

This week’s list comes from the incredibly stylish, lovely and well insanely glamorous, This is Glamorous (quite possibly the most aptly titled blog ever...) Her list is quite fabulous… makes me instantly want to don some tartan and throw back a glass of bubbly.

Herewith This is Glamorous’ favorites. Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!
  1. Traveling -- There's nothing like the sights, sounds {and tastes} of another place, and it is often terribly romantic…
  2. Tartan & plaid -- There's just something about it that I love – all the history wrapped up in its patterns, the fact that it reminds me of our trip to Scotland last summer.
  3. Chocolate -- It's a bit of an addiction.
  4. Ballet -- Because it's just so beautiful.
  5. My BlackBerry -- Keeps me a little more organized, and while I may still be terrible with e-mail, it's made me better, and best of all, keeps me in close contact with the one person I couldn't live without…
  6. Champagne -- It's fun and it's festive, and I can remember toasting many celebrations and accomplishments with a perfectly chilled flute of champagne.
  7. Shoes & handbags -- Because I'm such a girl, and nothing completes an outfit like a great pair of heels or a classic handbag.
  8. Morning coffee -- It's a rare quiet moment before the madness of the day begins.
  9. Being in love -- My most favorite thing of all.