Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trend wallpaper dekstop

Decorate your walls in style! If you like it you can do a photo wallpaper for a wall in your room or desktop. Imagine having your favorite characters in full-wall size, or on a computer, or an entire forest in the room. This is the best idea to decorate the whole house.

Looney Tunes

favorite wallpapers01 Favorite Wallpapers

Alien vs Predator

favorite wallpapers02 Favorite Wallpapers

Dark Knight 
favorite wallpapers03 Favorite Wallpapers


favorite wallpapers04 Favorite Wallpapers

Broken Windows

favorite wallpapers05 Favorite Wallpapers


favorite wallpapers06 Favorite Wallpapers

Toyota F1

favorite wallpapers08 Favorite Wallpapers

Bruce Lee

favorite wallpapers09 Favorite Wallpapers

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

favorite wallpapers10 Favorite Wallpapers

Xmas Warcraft Party

favorite wallpapers11 Favorite Wallpapers

The ‘Winning’ Babes of WonderCon 2011

There is something that you can always count on when Nerd Reactor is in attendance at your local convention. Now, our readers can enjoy the chilly San Francisco breeze as we did, but also drool and nosebleed as we did. For our Nerd Reactor readers’ viewing pleasure, we present to you….the ‘Winning’ Babes of WonderCon 2011.

girls with elegant tattoo