Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Scenes From The Weekend...

It seems like our weekend consisted largely of thwarted plans...

We were all set to host a little dinner at our place for a few friends on Friday but had to cancel at the last minute upon the discovery that the Millster had strep throat (which we somehow missed despite her constant grumpiness and frequent declarations that it hurt to swallow...umm yes, stellar parenting). So Friday evening quickly morphed into "cozy movie night on the couch", and it was pretty delightful, I have to say.

On Sunday, I was supposed to do another little shoot for Chakra but was thwarted by the gloomy, cloudy weather (sunlight just makes for much prettier photos). Bryan and the girlies had already planned a day-trip to visit his folks, so all of the sudden I found myself with the better part of the day totally and completely free. This is a pretty rare phenomenon... so rare in fact that I spent the first 30 minutes wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out what to do with myself. (I did immediately shut down my computer for fear of squandering my freedom getting sucked into the interwebs.)

After a bit of mulling, I ended up tearing through the house cleaning out drawers and cabinets and closets. I was a tornado of productivity. It was a pretty impressive scene, resulting in six (big!) bags of stuff delivered to the Goodwill. (Is it odd that I find taking stuff to the Goodwill a total rush?)

But wait, there's more...I also conjured up a hefty pile of clothes to bequeath to my sister and unearthed a few more goodies from my closet to offer up over here in the next week or so (speaking of which, that swell A.P.C Madras dress is still up for grabs!) I capped my ultra-productive day off by watching the Oscars in their entirety. I was up (at least) two hours past my bedtime. I'm living large here friends.

So... did you notice that I skipped over Saturday? Well that's because I may have attended Audrey's school fundraiser/auction dressed as Sarah Palin from Sarah Palin's Alaska (the auction theme was "Reality TV") and Bryan may have been dressed as a moose (that I shot). I also may have had a couple of cocktails, which may have resulted in someone bidding for court-side seats to a Dallas Mavericks game...and winning.

Yes, all that may have happened, but I'm not saying for sure.

Hope your weekend was fantastic (and that you didn't attend any fundraisers sporting an updo, glasses, a parka and a button that said "grizzly mama"...hypothetically of course).