Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aerial Nature Photography by Robert B Hass

Robert B Hass

National Geographic photographer Robert B. Haas is currently exhibiting his aerial photographs of Latin American sceneries, revealing a condor’s-eye view of smoldering volcanoes, gleaming tin and tile roofs, and fanciful flamingos.

Robert B. Haas is the author and photographer of a series of six photographic books, including A Vision of Africa, Predators, African Critters, Ten Days on the Chobe, Through the Eyes of the Gods—An Aerial Vision of Africa, and Through the Eyes of the Condor—An Aerial Vision of Latin America. Both Through the Eyes of the Gods and Through the Eyes of the Condor were published by National Geographic.
Since 2002, Haas has focused his artistic endeavors primarily on aerial photography, in an effort to capture the grandeur and mystique of Earth’s continents from this unique perspective. Haas’s first book with National Geographic, aptly titled Through the Eyes of the Gods, was published in 2005. An aerial vision of Africa, Through the Eyes of the Gods has been translated into 17 languages. In his second work with National Geographic, Through the Eyes of the Condor, published in 2007 and also translated into 17 languages worldwide, Haas devoted his creative energies to Latin America, crisscrossing this vast region to create an aerial portrait of its volcanic peaks, lush rivers, colorful wildlife, and culturally diverse peoples from the vantage point of helicopters and small planes. Through the Eyes of the Gods and Through the Eyes of the Condor are two of the most successful and widely distributed single-photographer books ever published by National Geographic.
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