Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photography by Erik Van Der Weijde

Erik Van Der Weijde

Erik van der Weijde´s work is bringing light to non-spectacular and common images of our daily life - the house we live in, the lamp illuminating the street, our touristic customs, family portraits and many other popular subjects.

Through his accurate series of photographs, he is tracing a path between history, culture, education, cliché and everyday habits; thanks to the attention to small odd details that each of them is hiding behind he is able to trace a link between far entities.

He is collecting and showing images which become a symbol of the subjects they portray, showing us the weight and sometimes forgotten gravity of their existence.

His photographic work is accompanied by many different books and zines - self published or in collaboration with renewed publishers - which in many cases point the attention to the idea of repetition and constancy of his photographic series, allowing the research to be fully presented through the publications.

Erik Van Der Weijde2
Erik Van Der Weijde3
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Erik Van Der Weijde7
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