Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Outfit (Deconstructed)...

After last week-end's initial assault on the closet (and subsequent goodwill-bound pile of cast-offs), I'm now moving into a phase II with my wardrobe, honing in on the things I haven't worn in a while but am still loathe to part with.

The fine-tuning is the hard part (it's easy to do a first pass/toss), as it requires more discipline that I'm usually accustomed to showing in matters of clothes. It requires some level of ruthlessness and lack of sentimentality even.

But I want to get this process right. I want to open my closet and love everything in it (and more important, I want to open my closet and have the desire to actually wear everything in it). Imagine one of those women who is incredibly stylish and consistent and sort of seemingly effortless...say, Sofia Coppola. You know she has a laser-focused closet -- In another words, I bet she doesn't have some totally ill-suited colorful print frock hanging in there (unworn) just because she went through a phase where she "thought" she should be wearing more whimsical clothes. Right? Right?

I thought since I was digging deep here, I'd use my outfit posts to "test-drive" some of the pieces in question... (kill two birds with one stone if you will). The oldie but goodie (I think) in this ensemble is the Miu Miu top/dress thing I got a few years ago at one of 4510's crazy amazing sales. It's unique, with some cool seaming on the sides, but it's not necessarily easy. The cut makes it interesting but somewhat challenging to wear, so it's languished in my closet for the past year.

But today I'm bold, and the top comes out of hiding...I'm feeling like this one might be a keeper. We'll see how the rest of the day goes.

The Details:

  • Top -- Miu Miu
  • Skinny Cords -- Gap
  • Shoes -- Chie Mihara
  • Necklace -- Vintage
  • Clutch -- Clare Vivier
  • Josie's Dress -- Liberty of London for Target