Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Making Me (Really) Happy... (in no particular order)

The giant bag of grapefruits I bought at the Whole Foods for $6.99... resulting in the luxury of getting to enjoy a (crazy sweet/delicious) grapefruit every. single. day. for the past week and a half. Good stuff.

The two lovely, thoughtful, smart "magazines" that arrived in my mailbox this week: the 3191 Winter Quarterly and the new Anthology.

Man I love print...

Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt. Addicted. It's a bad scene.

image via this tumblr (which, I have to say, sports a pretty hilarious name)

The fact that both girlies told us excitedly over dinner last night that it was Theodor Gisel's birthday today...That they knew that fact and they knew that Dr. Seuss' real name was Theodor Gisel made Bryan and me immensely happy to say the least...

The salad bowl that Bryan's mom bought me for Christmas (that glass number above). I use it all the time, and I have to say it is a perfect salad's just the right size for a big salad, and it's wide so all the good bits (like the cheese and the nuts) don't all sink to the bottom.

The musical stylings of Cake (the girlies are obsessed...they especially love the horns and the clever lyrics). But specifically the musical stylings of Cake playing on our iPad in the kitchen.

Music in the kitchen is a total game changer.

The fact that my sister Jennifer and her sweet baby Josie are flying in tonight from California for a visit. This one is making me happiest at all, so I suppose there was a bit of an order to this after all.

What's making you happy today?