Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ice Creams by Ruadh DeLone

Ruadh DeLone

Ruadh DeLone is a photographer out of Rheden, Netherlands. He started out drawing as a child and then moved to photography in 2007. His work focuses on portraiture with a bit of surrealism. DeLone’s series, with a characteristic quality of digitized realism, captures a playfully surreal world of portrait photography; taking a whimsical look at this cast of historical figures while maintaining a high mind for the quality and execution of the images.

Ruadh DeLone2
Ruadh DeLone3
Ruadh DeLone4
Ruadh DeLone5
Ruadh DeLone6
Ruadh DeLone7
Ruadh DeLone8
Ruadh DeLone9
Ruadh DeLone10
Ruadh DeLone11
Ruadh DeLone12