Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Creative Photo Manipulations by Vladimir Manyuhina

Vladimir Manyuhina

Beautiful creative photomanipulations from the talented Russian photographer Vladimir Manyuhina. Vladimir shows how fantasy can combine with animals, wild flora, birds: elements that are rarely seen in the sky city.

Vladimir Manyuhina2
Vladimir Manyuhina3
Vladimir Manyuhina4
Vladimir Manyuhina5
Vladimir Manyuhina6
Vladimir Manyuhina7
Vladimir Manyuhina8
Vladimir Manyuhina9
Vladimir Manyuhina10
Vladimir Manyuhina11
Vladimir Manyuhina12
Vladimir Manyuhina13
Vladimir Manyuhina14
Vladimir Manyuhina15
Vladimir Manyuhina16
Vladimir Manyuhina17
Vladimir Manyuhina18